Inauguration Day has arrived. Whether you’re into it (you’re on the wrong blog), over it, or looking for some way to cope with it, here’s a list of what to watch to get you through.

If You Want to Fully Immerse Yourself in Inauguration Day Woes (not for the faint of heart, generally ill-advised):

If You Need to Laugh at Something:

Choose to Cope (because if you can’t escape, you should at least feel warm and cozy):

Or Feel Straight Up Empowered:

There are so many more. Leave your own recommendations below – we’re gonna need them well beyond Inauguration Day.

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January 20, 2017

  • Hidden Figures was SO good! These are great recommendations, I need to look into some of these cause I have never watched them lol
    Trust me, I was a deprived child, I was not allowed to watch Harry Potter at one point in my life lol
    Great post 🙂
    Nikki O.

    • A life without Harry Potter?! I couldn’t cope (seriously, it’s the best coping tool). So glad you liked the list!

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