Looking at male and female friendships in television's gutsiest shows|Read the full review on Hannibal and Jessica Jones at onecriticalbitch.com

Jessica Jones and Hannibal: A Friendly Double Feature

Jessica Jones is just the kind of show I can’t shut up about. Before that, it was three seasons of NBC’s Hannibal. When I initially thought to write this piece, I thought I’d be talking about the unique female friendship between Jessica and her sister Trish, and the toxic, obsessive relationship super villain Kilgrave has with Jessica. But as…

Lumpy Space Princess in "Be Sweet" | A review of this episode of Adventure Time and more on onecriticalbitch.com

Lumpy Space Princess is My Millennial Hero: An Adventure Time Review

Hold onto your butts. It’s Adventure Time on One Critical Bitch, and this #chickflickfebruary edition is all about L.S.P. in an episode entitled, Be Sweet. Adventure Time: Be Sweet I deserve this. If you do not consume shows for children at the normal rate (my normal rate is two-three shows a week), then you will not know that L.S.P.…

What To Watch: March Favorites | Everything I'm watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, in the theatre - Everywhere! Current obsession: Happy Valley with Sarah Lancashire | Read it at onecriticalbitch.com

January Favorites

It’s already time for another round of favorites. I find that terrifying. But also thrilling, because I get to give you another list of everything I’ve been indulging in this January (film and television related – mostly). Favorites this month do not disappoint, as I spent quite a bit of time on Netflix, thanks to a nice…

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