The Eclipse - Illustration by Alex Landers | Irish horror film by director Conor McPherson (2009) |

The Eclipse

*Danger, Will Robinson: Affiliate Links Ahead! Read the disclosure policy.* Terrible news if you’ve been a fan of the in-your-face horror options presented thus far (See Halloween, Drag Me To Hell, and Identity). More along the lines of Absentia,┬ábut with a grander, more classic tone,┬áThe Eclipse is at its heart a romance. A romance with…

Oculus Mirror Watercolor

#9: Oculus

Right off the bat, Oculus looked like a movie I’d avoid at all costs. People with white eye contacts and spooky mirrors don’t really scream “this will be good” to me. And the last time I gave in to that marketing gimmick (Oh, Keifer, why’d you do Mirrors?), I really hated myself afterward. But I had…

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