Looking at male and female friendships in television's gutsiest shows|Read the full review on Hannibal and Jessica Jones at onecriticalbitch.com

Jessica Jones and Hannibal: A Friendly Double Feature

Jessica Jones is just the kind of show I can’t shut up about. Before that, it was three seasons of NBC’s Hannibal. When I initially thought to write this piece, I thought I’d be talking about the unique female friendship between Jessica and her sister Trish, and the toxic, obsessive relationship super villain Kilgrave has with Jessica. But as…

Robert Altman's murder-mystery "Gosford Park" is perfect for the Downton Abbey fan in your life | Full review at onecriticalbitch.com

Robert Altman and the Femininity of Gosford Park

Gosford Park is a Robert Altman movie. Therefore, it is approximately eight hours long, difficult to make out what everyone is saying, a cattle call of twenty plus actors, and also – very, very, very good. Gosford Park (2001) Could you imagine someone being hanged for something I said? It’s “officially” two hours and seventeen minutes,…

Red Coat Don't Look Now Watercolor Illustration

#26: Don’t Look Now

It’s the last week of October and the last week of the HorrorThon – what to watch? Favorites. And here’s yours Don’t Look Now She says it’s like a city in aspic, wrapped over from a dinner party where all the guests are dead and gone. When I asked for your favorite horror suggestions, I…

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