Notting Hill is NOT a chick flick|Read the full review of this rom-com favorite at | #chickflickfebruary

Notting Hill is NOT a Chick Flick

You know that movie that you think is the quintessential chick flick? Maybe it’s Pretty Woman. Or When Harry Met Sally? Guess what? It’s not. And Notting Hill? It’s NOT a chick flick.  Notting Hill (1998) Oh, sod a dog, I’ve made the wrong decision, haven’t I? Hugh Grant as William Thacker is the relatable protagonist. Julia Roberts as Anna Scott…

A ladies' night double feature is #ontheblog. Check out this review of Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL | Part of the #thischickpicks February challenge at

Double Feature: Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL

Going into this, I was really hoping to present to you the most absurd, obscene, magical ladies’ night double feature of all time. Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, hopefully soon to be joined by Magic Mike: Magnum or something equally as crude. What I got instead was a lesson in “direction matters,” and “here’s what the same…

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