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#29: The Walrus and The Carpenter

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Republished today in memory of Michael Parks, our own Howard Howe.


I became acquainted with a Walrus when I was lost at sea.

I would describe Tusk as a horror-comedy. I really would. I’d also describe it as the most atrocious, upsetting, horrific concept I’ve ever had to wrap my head (and my poor, poor eyes) around. So, while Kevin Smith will offer you his usual jokes, I cannot be responsible for how many of you will not find this funny. Just not even a little bit at all.

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Jersey Girl is a surprising romantic comedy from writer/director Kevin Smith | Read the full review on

Fathers and Daughters in Kevin Smith’s Jersey Girl

Happy Saturday! If you’re looking for a heartwarming feature for a chilly weekend afternoon, I think I’ve got a winner for you. Movie #5 is Kevin Smith’s Jersey Girl.

Jersey Girl (2004)

‘Cause you’re the only thing I was ever really good at.

There are plenty of shitty rom-coms. Even more rom-coms that got shitty reviews. Jersey Girl is not a shitty rom-com. In fact, it’s a pretty darling movie – maybe that’s why everybody hated it so much.

Though my money’s on Jennifer Lopez.

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