Twins American Mary Watercolor Illustration

#21: American Mary

For the record, I don’t like torture-porn. There are a couple of films that flirt with the sub-genre that I admire. This is one of them. American Mary Don’t ever devalue what you do, Mary. I don’t find┬ámost horror films that depend on torture and the threat of surgical devices┬áscary, so I suppose that’s first…

Ginger Snaps Watercolor Illustration

#19: Ginger Snaps

If you liked Jennifer’s Body, you’re going to get a kick out of this one. And even if you didn’t, my money’s still on the werewolf. Ginger Snaps Our little girl’s a young woman now. It’s honestly surprising to me that I haven’t covered a werewolf movie yet in this HorrorThon, because they are some…

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