Thanksgiving Playlist 2017 |

Thanksgiving Playlist: The Best Movies to Watch this Thursday

Too often we skip from Halloween to Christmas Evil. Where’s the love for the Thanksgiving movie? As complicated a holiday as our Thanksgiving is, it’s prime for some of the most delightful, inquisitive, and downright strange films of the season. Here’s what I’m watching this week: The Usual Story (with added honesty) The New World…

Celebrating the life of actor Anton Yelchin - Here are 5 of his best films |

The Best Films of Anton Yelchin

I’m struck by the loss of Anton Yelchin. A week ago I was writing about his fantastic turn in Green Room. Today, I’m writing this. Yelchin passed away Sunday morning in Los Angeles. Taking a look today, I’m struck even more that at only 27 he has left us with such a large reel of film.…

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