Quick crit and review of Karyn Kusama's long-awaited horror/thriller "The Invitation" | onecriticalbitch.com

The Invitation is Haunted, Cultish, Creepy L.A. Horror at its Best

It took seven years for Karyn Kusama to follow-up her last feature film with The Invitation. It was worth the wait. The Invitation (2016) You look different, Edie.

Eleanor The Haunting Watercolor Illustration

#16: The Haunting

Netflix delivered. My favorite haunted house movie is here. And lucky for me, it’s quite the fairy tale, and it takes us very nicely into a full weekend of – my favorite favorite – lady horror. Let’s do it. The Haunting (1963) Everybody has a right to run away. I’m not usually one to advocate…

Woman Eye Watercolor Hausu

#8: Hausu

I said Phantasm was weird. Hadn’t watched this one yet. House (Hausu) She eats unmarried young girls. I’m watching Hausu on a tip-off from a friend, and while I suspected this would be strange (because she always delivers), I was 110% not prepared for the experience that awaited me. I’ve done a lot of staring…

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