Two romances, each with a classic southern belle - The Notebook and Boy Meets Girl are on the blog |Read the full review at | #chickflickfebruary

Charm Makes a Southern Belle: The Notebook and Boy Meets Girl

It’s two days into March and I’m bringing an official (and officially late) end to #ChickFlickFebruary. I wanted to end with something classic. I wanted to end with something new and different. I had a strong desire for something with a bit of a twang, maybe a Southern Belle, and crazy rich mothers with a lot of…

Philomena was NOTHING like what I expected|Read the full review at | #chickflickfebruary

Philomena: Finding Faith in Stories

Shame on me for assuming Philomena would be precisely the type of “based-on-a-true-story” sentimental feature I hate. Shame on me, because Stephen Frears’ Philomena is a great deal more than that. Philomena (2013) Because ‘human interest story’ is a euphemism for stories about weak-minded, vulnerable, ignorant people, to fill newspapers read by vulnerable, weak-minded, ignorant people. Not that you…

Mommy and Daddy The People Under The Stairs Watercolor Illustration

#22: The People Under the Stairs

This weekend, I want to celebrate Wes. The People Under the Stairs That’s who Daddy’s hunting. If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, Wes Craven’s horror stories were your horror stories. From A Nightmare on Elm Street on, this was the man making the movies you weren’t supposed to watch. The back of…

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