Why Criticism Matters More than Ever in 2018 | onecriticalbitch.com

Why Criticism Matters More Than Ever in 2018

To approach even the thought of criticism in 2018 feels like a minefield waiting for too heavy a step. It won’t trigger one explosion, aimed only at you and your ideas, but a succession of explosions that come for all those who dare offer criticism that may veer off the intended path, or pose questions that…

Film School: The Best Skillshare Classes for Aspiring Filmmakers, Creatives, + Movie Lovers | onecriticalbitch.com

Film School: The Best Film-Inspired Classes on Skillshare

I’ve shared a little bit of “film school” with you before (see How to Actively Watch a Film, Reading the Shot). Today, I want to continue that series with some lessons from other filmmakers/students of film.

How To Take Shit: 5 ways you can learn to take criticism better (and weed out the shit that doesn't matter) | Read it on onecriticalbitch.com

Receiving Criticism: Or, How to Take Shit

People hate criticism. Writers, artists, scientists, your Mom – no one wants to hear all the ways they’re screwing up. The only thing they hate more than the criticism itself? The jerk who doles it out. As a self-proclaimed critical bitch, I like to think I know something about criticism. But the general presumption about…

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