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Valentine’s Day 2018: Making Enthusiastic Consent Great Again

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you think enthusiastic consent is a liberal talking point that eliminates the sexiness from film/art/life in general? Welcome to February 2018 and – Let’s address that. I’m not sure when we all collectively decided that the hottest, most erotic, sexiest moments involved, “You need kissing badly, that’s what’s wrong with you,”…

Ghostface Scream Watercolor Illustration

#23: Scream

This one’s for the kids. And by kids, I guess I mean people my age, so, grown-ups. This one’s for grown-ups. Scream  If you were the only suspect in a senseless blood bath, would you be standing in the horror section? This was just it. This was what you wanted to see, sneak into, rent, own,…

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