Mr. Tusk Watercolor Illustration

The Walrus and The Carpenter: Kevin Smith’s TUSK

*Danger, Will Robinson: Affiliate Links Ahead! Clicking on some links may compensate myself and the blog. Read the disclosure policy for complete info.* Republished today in memory of Michael Parks. Tusk I became acquainted with a Walrus when I was lost at sea. I would describe¬†Tusk¬†as a horror-comedy. I really would. I’d also describe it…

Jeremy Irons Dead Ringers Watercolor Illustration

#11: Dead Ringers

This is not a horror movie, per say. But it is most certainly not an erotic thriller as the box description would have you believe. At least, I have an exceptionally hard time finding any part of this Cronenberg feature “erotic.” But maybe that’s because I am a woman, and my vagina is under attack…

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