Blog Update - August 30, 2016

Blog Update Summer 2016

Hello, end of Summer! Where the hell did you come from? It’s been a hot minute (last post was Women to Watch in August), and I think it’s as good a time as ever for a quick blog update. Where have we been? Where are we going? Frankly, we all could use some organization once in a while. First,…

Bitch, Please! Why choosing to use "bitch" in my branding is the BEST thing I could have done for myself AND my blog |

Bitch, Please: Branding with Bad Words

There are RULES when branding a new blog. Like, a real, honest-to-goodness, professional one. For instance, when creating your blog or online business, good branding requires you to: Always self-host. WordPress is best Define your niche. Streamline your fonts and images. Pin the shit out of it. Relate to human beings on social media. And NEVER use a bad word in…

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