MOVIE REVIEW + GIVEAWAY! Celebrating Tim Burton's Corpse Bride on this 13th Day of #31DaysofHorror |

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride + Mondo Commemorative Edition Giveaway

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MOVIE REVIEW + GIVEAWAY! Celebrating Tim Burton's Corpse Bride on this 13th Day of #31DaysofHorror |
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It’s been a minute, horror lovers. But who says you can’t keep on with your scary movie binge right past Halloween and into November? Let’s hop back on the #31DaysofHorror bandwagon with the new classic: Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

P.S. Stick around ’til the end. I hear there’s a GIVEAWAY in store…
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Film School: The Best Skillshare Classes for Aspiring Filmmakers, Creatives, + Movie Lovers |

Film School: The Best Film-Inspired Classes on Skillshare

I’ve shared a little bit of “film school” with you before (see How to Actively Watch a Film, Reading the Shot). Today, I want to continue that series with some lessons from other filmmakers/students of film.

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Pixar's Inside Out is a romance for all the emotions | See the full review and join in on #ChickFlickFebruary at

Emotions, Gender, and That Inside Out Feeling

Remember when Inside Out came out a year ago and you all saw it? I didn’t. So, today was my day.

Inside Out (2015)

I’m too sad to walk. Just give me a few hours.

I knew I wanted to see Inside Out this month because of its female protagonist. I’m focusing on #chickflicks, but namely chick flicks that appeal to women for a variety of reasons. I can’t think of a better one than seeing Pixar’s first feature film with a regular girl at the forefront (not including Brave, which I qualify as a Disney Princess film).

What I maybe didn’t anticipate was its wealth of emotional scope, and how this anxious-depressed-nervous wreck of a creative would react to it.

I bet you can already guess what I thought.

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