Mommy and Daddy The People Under The Stairs Watercolor Illustration

#22: The People Under the Stairs

This weekend, I want to celebrate Wes. The People Under the Stairs That’s who Daddy’s hunting. If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, Wes Craven’s horror stories were your horror stories. From A Nightmare on Elm Street on, this was the man making the movies you weren’t supposed to watch. The back of…

Legs in Heels American Psycho Watercolor Illustration

#20: American Psycho

A lot’s already been said about American Psycho. It was Christian Bale’s breakout role, it’s based on an incendiary satire by Bret Easton Ellis, it bashes Yuppie culture, materialism, Wall Street, etc. It’s a favorite of most college aged males (in my experience), and it is definitely very good. I don’t think enough is said about Mary…

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