The true story of three (sort-of) strangers, who’ve sat through all eight episodes of Netflix’s Stranger Things, talked about it, wrote about it, and found out what happens when bitches stop being polite, and start getting…

Nope, that’s the Real World.

This is Stranger Things,

the new sci-fi/horror series from The Duffer Brothers, and I’d argue that nothing about it ever gets real. Which is cool for a fantastic Spielbergian style adventure story, but less cool for its women characters.

Yes, I might be the only person on Earth at this moment that has some beef with Stranger Things.

Stranger Things: A review and conversation on the new Netflix series and its very strange women |
Someone tell me what Stephen King novel this font was swiped from? Please?!

Being the frustrated feminist that I am, I couldn’t keep my feelings to myself. Everybody (and I do me EVERYBODY) seems to be in love with this show.

It’s a critical darling, an audience favorite.

And it’s easy to see why: it references every great film we grew up. And by we, I mean Millienials, Gen-Xers, even some of you Boomers out there. It’s hard not to be pleased when your childhood is plastered in front of your eyes in an homage of brilliance and glory. Nostalgia is a dangerous thing – pulling us in and keeping us safe.

So, in an effort to better understand my misgivings and concerns about the show, I hooked up with a couple of my fellow feminist filmies (this is what I’m calling them, and I like it, whatever) to chat about all things Stranger Things. Our likes, our dislikes, our problems with Steve’s hair.

What follows is an edited version of our terribly lengthy conversation.

Featuring Juliette Faraone (of and artist Shanti Flagg (, this was one of the best times I’ve ever had talking about a show I only kinda liked. Hop on over to Juliette’s blog and take it all in – maybe it’ll bring some of you stragglers over to our side. Maybe you’ll think we’re a bunch of soulless hacks. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll think about Stranger Things a little differently than you did before (and that’s always what I hope for).

Either way, this is one conversation worth checking out.

Click HERE to Read the Convo!

Stranger Things: A review and conversation on the new Netflix series and its very strange women |
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