Want to engage with the movies you watch? I've created a Visual Literacy Primer to make your trips to the theatre more interesting, informative, and empowering. Part 2 is all about learning to read "the shot" and figure out just what the filmmaker means | Read it at onecriticalbitch.com

Visual Literacy: Reading the Shot

Visual Literacy is how we make meaning from art. Remember the first post in this series? In our increasingly digital, fast-paced, and visual world, visual literacy – knowing how to read an image (that is, determine its implied meaning and direction) – is absolutely the most important thing you can learn to do right now…

How To Actively Watch A Film: The Visual Literacy Primer | onecriticalbitch.com

How To Actively Watch a Film

So you saw Citizen Kane, read about the “Male Gaze,” and brushed up on your German Expressionism – now what? You can see every GREAT work – film, painting, sculpture, any art –┬áthat others┬átell you is important, and still have… well, not a lot to say. Art is only as important as it is relevant…

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